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The Lord's Tabernacle, Blueprint of our Salvation.

The tabernacle is the only building ever designed by an architect that was perfect in every way. It was designed by the Lord, himself. It never needed revision or improvement- it was so perfect that it was fit to be a picture of our Lord Jesus Christ and the salvation that he provided. Here are a few general observations regarding the tabernacle.

  1. The tabernacle was designed by God.

The tabernacle represents the character and work of Jesus Christ. God himself is the architect of our salvation. The theme of the tabernacle is the redemptive plan of God in saving man from his sins. Exod 25:1-9; Deut 15:15; Heb 9:11-14.

  1. The tabernacle was a picture of God's dwelling with man.

Prov 8:22-35. Verses 22-30 describe our pre-incarnate Lord at the creation of the universe - it pictures the anointing of God the Son from the foundation of the world to a special role 21-24. Verses 26-30 describes the unity and fellowship of the God-head. Then in a remarkable revelation God says that his delight is with the sons of men. God delights in dwelling with man!

Ex 25:8. The stated purpose of the tabernacle is that God might dwell among those who give the necessary raw materials for the construction with a willing heart (vs 2).

Eph 2:19-22. The tabernacle (temple) pictures the church in which dwells God. Rev 21:3-7 is the final revelation from God that his ultimate purpose of dwelling with man is to be accomplished and further tells of the blessing among whom he dwells are to receive.

  1. The tabernacle was a picture of God's redemptive plan for man.

Every detail that went into the tabernacle pointed to details of Christ, his work or the judgment on sinful man. The tabernacle was an earthly pattern for a pattern set in heaven, showing God's plan for abolishing sin by Christ's sacrifice of himself. Heb 9:21-24.

  1. The interior of the tabernacle, proper was a picture of life in Christ.

The interior of the sanctuary is rich in detail of life in Christ. Two of the articles of furniture, the table of shewbread and the altar of incense, are made from acacia wood covered with gold. These teach us of the humanity and divinity of Jesus Christ. The services performed by the priests in connection with these pieces of furniture teach us of Jesus Christ's ascended glory and his high priestly ministry. Heb 2:9-18; 4:14-16.

  1. The interior of the tabernacle, proper was a picture of Christ in the believer.

The table of shewbread was a place of celebration for the priests where they were to eat the shewbread and offer some upon the golden altar - lev 24:5-9. This teaches us important truths about another important ministry that occurs within the believer, the presence of Christ and the glorification of the believer. John 6:32-58; 14:23; Col 1:26, 27.

  1. Approaching the tabernacle, one sees only the white linen curtain - Jesus Christ, the righteous one.

The redemptive plan of God points only to Jesus Christ, the righteous. Salvation's focal point is the Lord of the universe. The white linen speaks of our Lord and his righteousness. Luke 1:35. "That holy thing..." is Jesus Christ - in vitro. The thief on the cross who went to paradise testified "...this man hath done nothing amiss..." Lk 32:41. Hebrews 4:15 - Jesus was tempted on all points but was without sin. The saints in heaven will wear this righteousness as a linen garment Rev 19:8.

  1. There is only one entrance.

Only by entering by the gateway that faces east could one see the glory of God's salvation. Jesus Christ is the only way of entrance into salvation John 10:7-10; Acts 4:12. David sang of this singular entrance Psa 118:19-21.