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Turning off Pop-Up windows.

Check this firewall program out!  ZoneAlarm puts out a firewall that also gets rid of the annoying pop-up ads.  So far it has done an excellent job of getting rid of the REALLY ANNOYING Casino,Orbitz, Microsoft and others' pop-ups.  They even offer a free version - just read the fine print. Just an advisory - ZoneAlarm can get very aggressive so you may have to tweek it a little so that the pop-ups go away and you get to view what you want.

Here's another neat way to avoid most pop-ups.  Mozilla has released its own browser that has a feature that disallows loading unrequested windows - that's what a pop-up is.  Their browser is pretty much crash free and you can even download an Internet Explorer look-a-like "skin" to fool your friends.  Click here to download Mozilla. Oh yes, I forgot to tell you how to turn off the pop-ups:  go to Edit, slide down to Preferences, click on Advanced arrow to expand, click on Script & Windows and unselect Open Unrequested Windows and there you have it - no pop-ups.  New info:  version 1.5 has its popup manager under "Tools" - it's easy to find.  Neat - huh? Oh yes again, some web sites get real fiesty when you don't allow their pop-ups and won't allow you to view their pages so you may experience either nothing to view or something may be missing - sore losers ;)

New anti-popup tool.  Google has offered an anti-popup feature on its tool bar for Internet Explorer for those of you who do not want to try Zonealarm or Mozilla.  It works very well.  Click here to download.

Netscape devotees take heart!  Netscape 7.1 now includes an anti-popup feature.  My experience in the past is that Netscape has become bloated and requires a long loading time. They do have a feature where it is preloaded during the boot process but that increases your bootup time - there's no free lunch.  However, I'm pleased that the Netscape people have joined the anti-popup.  Click here do download.

Now,  I hope you will enjoy my news page.